We Actually Give A Shit

At AMF we have a supremely knowledgeable, caring and client focused fearless leader who delivers science backed Fitness programming in a personalized, supportive and inclusive environment. If you feel like you have tried everything and have not found your go-to Fitness venue we will gladly admit you to our tribe unconditionally.


At Albany Movement & Fitness we call the hour long classes Group Training. In a typical session you will experience semi-individualized programming with no more than 9 other clients, the practice of fundamental movement patterns using Primal Move and Original Strength methodologies, Body Weight, TRX, Battling Ropes, Barbell, and Kettlebell training. This is not across fit experience. We have a quality over quantity mindset. You will not push through pain or beyond your level of conditioning to get the next rep. You will be challenged at the edge of your ability and not beyond. This will provide the proper stimulus to lose weight, improve movement and increase strength while reducing your risk of injury and maintaining a sensory rich environment. Although Group Training is our most desired form of programming in some cases participation in a 10 session Group Training Prep is required prior to enrolling. Sessions are led by one of our Strong First Russian Kettlebell experienced Functional Movement Specialists.


Remember you were made to move! Believe it or not there was a time when we relied upon movement for our survival? We were not meant to be sedentary! At Albany Movement & Fitness we want to get you moving toward your personal goals as soon as possible. The Functional Movement Screen will help us get you there. We use the screen to evaluate your movement. With the information obtained from the screen we can provide the most appropriate exercise recommendations based upon your immediate needs and current readiness. The movement patterns that are tested are key to the normal function of the body. By screening these patterns we will be able to identify functional limitations and asymmetries that can lead to injury. It is our responsibility as Coaches to find a solution that will create balance, coordination and strength to your future movement endeavors.



Join a community full of fun and joy for what they do! With amazing programs and events made for everyone.


Professional fitness programming to get the body you want to have! We are here to help you set your goals and achieve them every step of the way!

Love & Acceptance

A loving and compassionate community that loves to be there for each other and fitness (of course!) we are here to support you and help you with your fitness goals.