Functional Movement System (FMS)

Remember you were made to move! Believe it or not there was a time when we relied upon movement for our survival? We were not meant to be sedentary! At Albany Movement & Fitness we want to get you moving toward your personal goals as soon as possible. The Functional Movement Screen will help us get you there. We use the screen to evaluate your movement. With the information obtained from the screen we can provide the most appropriate exercise recommendations based upon your immediate needs and current readiness. The movement patterns that are tested are key to the normal function of the body. By screening these patterns we will be able to identify functional limitations and asymmetries that can lead to injury. It is our responsibility as Coaches to find a solution that will create balance, coordination and strength to your future movement endeavors.

Prior to full active participation in our Group Training sessions each new member must demonstrate an acceptable level of movement, strength, and endurance in Group Training Prep. If this level of fitness is not immediately identified during your initial assessment you will have plenty of time to practice with your personal coach. Stop letting movement disappear into the background. Join the MOVEMENT!