Big Slide Mountain

General Information

If you only climb one mountain in your lifetime it should be Big Slide. This Mountain provides a big bang for your buck! The brothers route offers multiple rewarding summits within short distances of each other essentially dispersing the mountains beauty in increments during the 4.5 mile ascent. Your adrenaline will be steadily flowing as you experience the loveliness of the trail. Big Slide’s granite profile has a Yosemite feel. From the multiple lookouts a sweeping view over the colorful Johns Brook valley and the jagged profile of the great range peaks can be seen in high definition! After hours of exposed summits, majestic panoramas, and exciting scrambles we’ll top out at the 4239 ft summit!

We’ll hang on the summit for awhile, but we’re not done there. We will loop down to the 4000 ft summit of Yard mountain. Yard stands over 4k but is not considered a high peak due to its close proximity to Bigslide and its elevation gain less than 300 feet from its sister peak. Despite this, it is still a very interesting peak. Not much for views along the wooded summit ridge, but a true feeling of isolation and wilderness is obtained here. The sweet warm evergreen scent here is worthy of the trek alone!

After yard we will descend down to Johns Brook Lodge. JBL is a great place to stay during the summer months and is a stategic location to access many different peaks. From JBL we will hike the 4 miles out through the valley floor.

This is a guided event. It is our goal to provide education to people with less experience. We want to introduce people who are interested in climbing to the trail in the most safe and effective way. The goal here is to help build confidence and experience needed for individuals to plan and hike their own expeditions! We will work on techniques along the way, discuss proper gear, leave no trace, and cover historical aspects of the mountain. I will answer any questions and provide 1 on 1 assistance with everyone attending!

GEAR YOU WILL NEED: Hiking boots, gloves, hat, synthetic clothing, (No Cotton) Trekking poles, and a windproof shell. Dress in layers so you can adjust for comfort. Bathroom paper unless you want to use dry leaves, headlamp with extra batteries, FOOD: roughly 3000 calories, nuts, bars, snacks, summit sandwich, cheese etc. Bring at lease 2 liters of water. I do have some gear to lend so please reach out to me if you need to borrow something on the list (Jim Wallace 315-529-0283) First come first serve. I will also pack in extra food and water but please plan accordingly.

Event Details


Albany Movement & Fitness (Ride Share)


Two liters water, Lunch, Back pack, Skin protection


Appropriate footwear and athletic clothing (no jeans, no cotton). Be prepared for inclement weather.


Hiking 1 Person – $199
Hiking 2 People – $298
Hiking 3 People – $387
Hiking 4 People – $396
Hiking 5 People – $445

Trail Details


out of 5 Intensity

12 hours


8 Miles

Total Distance

2800 ft.

Elevation Gain