Move Better

Primal Move helps us grow quality movements and erase erroneous patterns in order to correct asymmetries and allow us to move better and get stronger. We literally engrave new motor patterns in our brains, which activate the nerve pathways that control the muscles involved. Correct movement requires deep practice: intentional, slow, graceful, and repetitive.

A typical Primal Move session might include rolling, crawling, rocking, pushing, pulling, lunging, or squatting – a combination of positions and postures that create a sensory rich experience utilizing bodyweight training, dynamic joint mobility, and the state of “flow” (total absorption in the moment such that movement is artful and pain-free).
Primal Move practice is beneficial for injured athletes as rehabilitation, weekend warriors as a beginner’s or full program, athletes as a de-load program or a low intensity workout, older adults who want to improve movement skills and mobility, and children (including young adults) who want to improve body awareness and proprioception.

Move better, faster, stronger and become a force of nature with Primal Move at Albany Movement & Fitness.
*Adapted from Primal Move Fundamentals (Peter Lakatos, 2011)