Love Match Guarantee

If for any reason you're not Head Over Heels satisfied with your experience at AMF within your first 30 days just let us know we will give you your cash back. Honestly! Our primary purpose is your happiness we are confident that if you attend your sessions as laid out in the program your success will be automatic. If we are not the right fit will even help you find the place that is.

This offer begins on 09/01/2019.Not applicable for non-members*

Group Training

Have you ever participated in a group Fitness class that was atrocious? The instructor doesn’t know your name or goals and there is no feedback to improve your technique. We do things differently at AMF. Our classes are designed to help you lose weight, move better, get stronger and look great. We will push you to the edge of your ability but not Beyond.

We want you to feel good the day after your training session. We don’t want you to feel like you got hit by a truck then beaten with sticks. We build your strength and conditioning from the ground up. Plus you will have personalized attention from a coach that has your best interest at heart.

One-on-One Group Training Prep

Would you like to participate in group training but you’re not super comfortable about the idea. Perhaps it is difficult for you to Envision yourself keeping up with the class or maybe you would have more confidence in your ability to keep up if you were able to learn things in a more intimate setting. Maybe you are nursing an injury and you have a little apprehension.

No matter the circumstance, If you have doubts then Group Training Prep is where you should begin. You will learn the proper technique in all of the key functional exercises. Every basic prerequisite to being confident in a class setting will be covered in a one on one educational environment.

Customized Training 

This is our version of one-on-one personal training. In Albany personal training cost upwards of one $90 per hour. At AMF we believe that training shouldn’t just be for the wealthy. Our approach offers you the same individualized attention but for half the cost. Your training sessions will be with a small group of up to two other people. You will get sessions that are tailored to meet your needs and have their opportunity to benefit from social motivation.

Starting and sticking to a healthy weight loss plan can sometimes seem impossible. Get started to day.

Lose weight and feel better about your body and mind with AMFs special programs.  Get started to day.


Get stronger and  feel better about your body and mind with AMFs special programs.  Get started to day.

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