Wright Peak

General Information

Fall High Peaks winter warm up!

This peak has it all! Arctic Alpine zone exposure, steep scrambles, expansive majestic views and an airplane crash site at the summit with wreckage! Although our adventure is in late fall expect FULL winter conditions on this trek! Wright is part of the Macintyre Range which also includes Algonquin, Iroquios and Marshall. These tall lofty peaks stand out from the Loj road. Many admirers pull over to gaze at their magnificence while approaching on the drive in!

The hike will be a steady incline just over 3 miles. A relatively short hike for such a rewarding mountaintop! We will pass a waterfall along the way which will probably be frozen during this time of year. There will likely not be much snow in the lower elevations, but up high it can add up. I will provide any necessary winter traction needed (micro spikes/snowshoes) for up to 8 people. There are also rentals available at the HPIC (high peaks info center). We will go over some basic snowshoeing techniques along the route to help everyone get acclimated to their shoes . Along the route I will also cover some basic winter mountaineering techniques and gear needed for winter travel throughout the high peaks. This mountain is a step above the introductory Cascade/Porter climb. From Wright’s summit we will be tapping into the beautiful gleam and wonderment of the Adirondacks most prized mountains.

No trees on the summit here! This peak boasts some exposure! Ranked the windiest summit in the Dacks expect an EPIC summit adventure! There is also a plane crash site where an old military plane crashed years ago. We will discuss the history behind that and view the wreckage while there! I will bring a lunch for the group, but you will want to bring your own snacks and trailfood. Do Not bring a water bladder as they are useless in the cold environment. Bring either plain water bottles or Nalgenes! This hike is only just over 6 miles roundtrip. We will be back to the cars by 1pm!! Any questions feel free to call or text me (315)529-0283 anytime…..Lets get you ready for winter!!!!


Event Details


Albany Movement & Fitness (Ride Share)


Two liters water, Lunch, Back pack, Skin protection


Appropriate footwear and athletic clothing (no jeans, no cotton). Be prepared for inclement weather.


Hiking 1 Person – $199
Hiking 2 People – $298
Hiking 3 People – $387
Hiking 4 People – $396
Hiking 5 People – $445

Trail Details


out of 5 Intensity

4 hours


6 Miles

Total Distance

2400 ft.

Elevation Gain