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PERSONAL Training STUDIO For People Who Are Serious About Results


Fitness Training Center For People Who Are
Serious About Results


At AMF we believe in tiny incrementalism

If you put a bucket in your sink and turned the faucet on to drip before going to work by the time you got home the bucket would be overflowing.

Now think of having a strength bucket, cardiovascular endurance bucket, flexibility bucket, stamina bucket, a resilience bucket  and the list goes on. It is very difficult for someone to fill all of these buckets properly and adequately especially when people are already overwhelmed with all of the other responsibilities they must tend to in life.

For this reason we see people who are overweight, out-of-shape and possibly even experiencing pain during movement.

At AMF you can walk in the door set your cruise control and reach your destination simply. Your coach will make sure all of your buckets are full and all you’re going to have to do is think of a thousand ways you can humbly and graciously accept all of the compliments you will be receiving from people about how great you look.

We work with everyone and as long as you show up you will get results.

At AMF we support the PRIDE movement. PRIDE matters because everybody should be comfortable and feel respected being themselves. At AMF there is no judgement. Just an expectation to be cool. After all, we offer complete fitness for cool people. And cool people are cool with us doing our part to help raise awareness for LGBTQ community.

At AMF we are scholarly individuals that take pride in quality. Getting a Functional movement screen is equivalent to professional from AMF interviewing your body. We use the information that your body gives us to keep you safe and to determine where you should begin. All movement professionals are not created equal, choose wisely. Choose AMF.